Saturday, 26 March 2016

The World's Wanderers.

        Imaginary lines drawn by power mongers and bandits, cross them and you could be an illegal immigrant, all your rights disappear, you risk being locked up, and deported with complete indifference and without dignity. We have no control over where we are born, and it appears we have no control over where we live.
[…] what are you? […] You are not of this castle, you are not of this village, you are nothing. But you are something too, unfortunately, you are a foreigner, someone that is always inopportune and in the way, one that brings a lot of troubles, […] whose intentions no one knows.
F. Kafka

From To The Wanderers:
       The democratic mechanism of citizenship and rights, however much expanded, will always presuppose the existence of excluded people. To criticize and try to prevent expulsions means to realize a critique in action of racism and nationalism; it means to seek a common space for revolt against the capitalistic uprooting that involves us all; it means to obstruct a repressive mechanism that is as hateful as it is important; it means to break the silence and indifference of the civilized who stand by watching; it means finally to confront the concept of law itself on the basis of the principle “we are all illegal aliens”. In short, it means an attack against one of the pillars of the state and class society: the competition between the poor people, the substitution, nowadays more and more menacing, of ethnic or religious wars for social war.
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