Saturday, 12 March 2016

Anarchist Ladies In Leadershiop Positions!!!

        A recent article on the Anarchist News, How the FBI monitored Crust Punks, gives a insight to the gross waste of tax payers money, as highly paid "agents" scurry about the country keeping tags on such radical threats as organic food growers, punk bands, and growers markets. If the article was not so serious it could be a good script for a comedy movie. Following unknown people driving to a place where anarchists hang out. Such major threats as two cars meeting a bus and driving to a destination and  then seen getting out carrying what looked like placards and then forming up in a protest outside a bank.
        Though you can read this stuff and smile, it is deadly serious, it is all part of the surveillance society, where if you look, act, or speak different from their accepted norm, you are deemed to be a threat. Therefore worthy of constant monitoring. Though the article is about America, I have absolutely no doubt the same thing is going on here. Remember the undercover cops in environmentalist groups etc.
         Since International Women's Day has just passed, I thought this piece of FBI information from the article was worthy of repeating:

        Finally, an October 2002 memo warns agents that Lady Anarchists can be a whole mess of trouble:
   Source advised that the females of the anarchist's movement are in leadership positions in Eugene, Oregon. These females are described as being very feminist and militant.

Anarchist Ladies or Gentlemen, in leadership positions???
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