Friday, 18 March 2016

Greek Anarchists Show Of Strength Against Drug dealers.

From Anarchist News:

       Massive show of strength as anarchists, antifascists and anti-authoritarians took to the streets of Exarcheia against drug dealing mafias and police. The demonstration was guarded by comrades armed with openly displayed guns (who can be seen on the video from 01:53), something that has not been seen at demonstrations in recent times but was deemed necessary due to the serious threat posed by the heavily armed drug mafias who work in collusion with the police.
        This show of armed strength and solidarity was in response to ongoing tensions in the area with drug dealing mafias including a recent incident where 3 anarchist comrades were violently attacked by a drug dealer.

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1 comment:

  1. The defense is not only legitimate but necessary. As the anarchist Durruti said: "We do not discuss fascism, we destroy it."

    Solidarity whit the Exarcheia.