Friday, 4 March 2016

"We Live In A Democracy", "We Live In A democracy".

       Once again we see British democracy at work. Very important issues are debated in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, a vote is taken, then the government, our representatives in power, makes its decision on that matter, based on the outcome of that vote. Well that's the theory, the fairy tale that is handed out to the public. The reality is that decisions are driven by dogma, aided and abetted by lobbyists from the financial and corporate worlds, and decided behind closed doors. 
       What could be more important than nuclear weapons, this is a subject with massive destructive consequences not just for us here in the UK, but across the world. Surely this must be debated, well it is to be debated. The various factions are lining up to spout their mantras, but to what purpose? On this matter of universal importance the debate will take place, but the decision has already been taken. It appears that while the opposition is preparing their argument on the immorality of such weapons and the astronomical cost, our democratic government has already set the ball rolling with the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system, with a spend figure of an extra £640 million.
      It appears that Michael Fallon, will take the opportunity of the Scottish Conservative Party conference in Edinburgh today, to announce that the trident renewal program is already under way and on the back of this, the government is pouring in an extra £640 million to the arms industry's coffers. Of course the debate as to whether to renew the trident system or not, will still go ahead, after all that's how democracy works. 
       Don't for one minute think that the £640 million is any way near the cost of this government phallus symbol, the real cost of this imperialist thug's toy is hundreds of hospitals, and schools, thousands of teachers and nurses, improvements to social services and lots more. It is in effect in excess of £167 billion. All that being gifted to the arms industry, by their Bullingdon Club friend, our millionaire chancellor of the exchequer, while he is threatening more severe cuts to social services in the coming year.
        Now repeat after me, “We live in a democracy”, “We live in a democracy”. Just keep saying it, and if you're foolish enough, you may well come to believe it.
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