Monday, 21 March 2016

Oh What A Beutiful Day---

        Sunday, another glorious day, but still COOOLD. Out round Gartmore, beautiful sunshine, not much of a wind, it just needs to move up a few more degrees to enter that zone of super magic. I have never seen so many cyclists on the road before. There were individuals, groups of two to six or seven, bunches of a dozen or more and one pack of around twenty. You didn't have to cover much ground to see another couple grinding their way around. All ages, young and some grey-bearded, fantastic to see. In the first photo, if you look carefully, you can just see the top of Ben Lomond peeking above the horizon, with some snow still visible on its slopes.It looked better in reality than it does in the photo.
Just visible, Ben Lomond, in the centre of the horizon.

Just outside Gartmore.
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  1. Definitely, I have to visit Scotland!

  2. Pick the summer, believe me it can be cold and very wet a lot of the year. But still a beautiful country. I suppose most people will say that about they homeland, but Scotland is such a varied country.