Monday, 14 March 2016

The Budget, A Carve Up For The Rich.

         Wednesday sees that familiar episode in our political farce, “the budget”. This is when that millionaire product of the Oxbridge sausage factory, Osborne, tells us how he is going to carve up the nation's wealth. Of course being a multi-millionaire and moving in those circles, he is totally divorced from that place we, the ordinary people call “the real world”. His circle of fiends and associates will all hail from that exclusive little club of over privileged parasites, and no doubt he will take good care of them. 
       Do you think that he will be sitting burning the midnight oil over the statistics that tell us that 28% of children in the UK live in poverty? Do you think it will cause him sleepless nights that this translates into 9 children in every class of 30 go hungry, and that means that a staggering 3.7 million children in the UK will have their life potential stunted because of poverty?
       The Institute for Fiscal Studies states that because of tax and benefit adjustments since 2010, the number of children living in relative poverty will have increased from 3.6 million to 4.3 million by 2020.
         This same chancellor is always bumming about how his bunch of cronies are getting more people into work, but fails to mention that in this type of economic system, work is not the solution to poverty. The facts are that 64%, almost two thirds, of children growing up in poverty live in a household where at least one person works. Also, 60% of families in the bottom end of income can't afford to take the children for one weeks holiday a year. 
         Child poverty is life damaging, shortens life's, in blunts their education, and deprives them from joining activities with their school friends. Regarding achieving in education there is a 28% gap in achieving 5 A-C GCSE grades between those of free school meals and their wealthier friends. 
        At the other end of the scale, Oxfam states that since 2000, the richest 1% of Britons, a cabal made up completely of millionaires, took more than a quarter of the £4 trillion increase of the UK's increase in national wealth. Each parasitic member of this 1%, saw their average wealth grow to a staggering £3.7 million in 2015. By contrast, only 7% of that national wealth increase went to around 30 million people. Today the average wealth of those in the bottom 10% is £1.600.
         The hints coming out from the “budget” is that there are more severe cuts coming the way of us at the bottom half of the income range, while there are talk of tax cuts for the better off. 
         They know there is a class war, and they fight accordingly, they know who their friends are. What about us, do we accept we are in a class war, will we fight accordingly, do we know who our friends are?
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