Sunday, 6 March 2016

War Is The Poor Killing The Poor, Ordered By The Rich.

        As collapsing capitalism blunders on with its “endless wars” policy, in an attempt to revive its failing, brutal system of profitable exploitation, more and more people are seeing wars for what they are. Gone are the illusions of defending democracy, fighting terrorism, and the host of other phoney propaganda spouted by the various states, it is now accepted that wars are capitalisms way of defending and expanding the various imperialist powers' assets. States are the opposing corporate world's hit men. 
       We are seeing more and more people taking a stand against this slaughter of the innocent, this stand has many strands. Here in Scotland, The Scottish Peace Network, a coalition of peace and anti-militarist organisations, is attempting to give a public face to this growing anti-war movement. They are organising a open gathering at the Donald Dewar statue at the top of Buchanan Street Glasgow, on Wednesday, March 16th at 6:30pm. The main theme will be. “stop the bombing of Syria and Iraq” and oppose militarism. Everybody is welcome, please come along, even for a short period, to show your anger and disgust at this continual destruction and waste of human life. Bring banners, placards and leaflets if you can, but please bring yourself. The idea is to make this a monthly event, to continually raise awareness of our country's militarist stance, with your help this will happen. 
       Another aspect of the state's love and need of war, is its attempt to send its military representatives into our schools, especially the schools in the more deprived areas. With their glossy pictures and fancy uniforms and talk of free travel, adventure and training, they hope to mesmerise the young susceptible kids, kids whose potential is already being stunted by their environment, into believing this is a career choice. There are no photos of the maimed and dead soldiers, there are no facts about the young lives destroyed by the trauma of war, no mention about the suicides of ex-soldiers, no discussion about the ex-soldiers who end up in prison and/or homeless.
     This is an insidious and callous recruiting exercise by the state, of our poorest and most vulnerable young people, to fill the ever increasing gap in the needs of their imperialist war machine. We have to put an end to this sweeping up of our young to be sacrificed on the altar of capitalist's wars. 
Challenging Military Visits to Schools in Scotland.
March,15th. At 6:00pm
STUC in Glasgow Scotland.

       This public meeting at Glasgow's Scotland Trade Union Congress (STUC) from 7-9pm on Tuesday 15 March is to raise awareness about a petition to scrutinise Armed Forces visits to schools in Scotland.
        Another strand of this world wide disgust at the the endless war policies of the world's powers is A World Beyond War who are organising a global campaign against the destructive waste of the world's military spending.
        World Beyond War encourages everyone to take part in the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (actually multiple days: April 5 - 18, and in the United States April 16-18 in particular).
       Resources for planning a World Beyond War event are here, including a Prezi and a Powerpoint that make it easy.
        Upcoming events all over the world are here. To tell us about more events we should be listing contact Sandra Osei at For help planning your event, contact Bob Fantina at
        And here's something to celebrate:
Japan PM suspends work on U.S. base on Okinawa.

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

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       Ordinary people don't want to kill ordinary people, which is the basic essence of war. So why tolerate it, why take part in it? War is the poor killing the poor, ordered by the rich. There are a myriad of avenues to suit everybody to take a stand against this insanity. A world without war is possible. 
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