Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Amateur And Professional Terrorists.

          We live in a world of terrorists, the religious fanatics who feel the need to kill, to prove how wonderful their religion is, how great their god, they kill hundreds indiscriminately, while praising their god. Then there is the professional terrorist, the states, who bomb into destruction entire countries, killing countless millions in the process, spreading terror across land after land. At the same time creating breeding grounds for the for the religious fanatic to recruit and win over more suicide maniacs. What links these two groups is the fact that will kill indiscriminately for an idea, they will kill innocent people who are in no way involved in the terrorist process. People who just happen to be in their line of fire. 
         There is no terrorist organisation on earth or has there ever been one, that could compete with, let alone out do, the countless deaths and massive destruction of the nation state. Today we are witness to almost the entire Middle East in a quagmire if blood, death and destruction, we have seen countries with modern infrastructure reduced to rubble, with the victims numbering in the millions, and the vast majority of those killed have been killed by the various states. From Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya to Syria, the accolade for the highest number of deaths and greatest destruction goes, unchallenged, to the Western states. Only an idiot would say that the West only carried out these blood soaked actions with the welfare of the people of the Middle East in mind. They done it for their own self centred ideology, just like the religious nutters.
        And then there is the massive deployment of the military and police in the streets, who feel the need to give us a demonstration of the extra power that the State has bestowed on them. And the famous “national unity” evoked a few days after the attacks. The enemy of revolutionaries, those who want to get rid of the State, not see it opportunely strengthened in this context. That which attracts crowds to come and meditate on these places of death singing the Marseillaise draped in French flags and shouting “Long live France, long live the Republic.” Crowds that speak of freedom, as if we had been free before this tragedy. Which in a way is accepting the state of emergency, saying that it is the god-crazed who took away our freedom, thus completely clearing the State, finding excuses for it. The same national unity that leads to accepting the grip of the State over our lives, is also that which brings together religious leaders, while they are the ones, whoever they are, that nourish fanaticism, even when they say they are moderates.
       What both sides want is for us to live in fear, that we cease to be alive, change our habits, resign ourselves to staying quietly at home without raising any criticism. But we won’t accept the terror that they are forcing on us. This silence of death that they want to reign. And we will never accept the alternatives that States, which are capable of all the terror that we know them to be, offer us, often brandishing it “anti-terrorist”.
So, to the salt of our tears, we add the spice of our passion for life, and our desire for revolt.
They will never make us give up.
Let’s live and rebel, against all power!
Neither religion, nor nationalism!
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  1. “The 'crisis' creates situations which are dangerous in the short run, since the various strata of the population are not all capable of orienting themselves equally swiftly, or of reorganizing with the same rhythm. The traditional ruling class, which has numerous trained cadres, changes men and programmes and, with greater speed than is achieved by the subordinate classes, reabsorbs the control that was slipping from its grasp. Perhaps it may make sacrifices, and expose itself to an uncertain future by demagogic promises; but it retains power, reinforces it for the time being, and uses it to crush its adversary and disperse his leading cadres, who cannot be be very numerous or highly trained.”
    ― Antonio Gramsci, Selections from the Prison Notebooks