Friday, 11 March 2016

May Day On Glasgow Green.

       Just a reminder, to all those interested in May Day on The Green. We are hoping to get loads of those people who think they can contribute in some way, or who are just interested in seeing this event happen  to come to Sunday's meeting. It will happen if we want it to happen.
So this is a re-posting of a previous article:
        Further to our desire to end the monotony of the May Day shuffle through town, culminating in boring speeches by the ballerinas of the political scene, we are holding a second meeting to flesh out our ideas. The May Day on The Green has created quite a widespread interest, so we are asking all you who wish to see this idea become a reality, please come along to the next meeting and throw your ideas into the hat. The shape it takes will depend on what we all want, and how much we want it, it is up to us. Nothing will happen unless we make it happen. 
Details of the next meeting:
PLACE: Electron Club room at the CCA 350, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
DATE: Sunday, 13 March 2016
START TIME: 14:00:00

END TIME: 17:00:00
Please come along and show your support, May Day belongs on The Green.
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  1. I am 2800 km away from Glasgow, but in close solidarity with all of you.
    My best wishes!

  2. Thanks Loam, solidarity is our best weapon.