Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bare-Knuckle Capitalism.

      Across Europe the state and its apparatus are tightening their grip on peaceful protest, as they continue their plunder of the public purse. As the public anger grows, so the state increases its violence against those who stand up for the rights of ordinary people. From the brutal police action in Greece to the recent action by EDF to bring a £5 million lawsuit against those who participated in a peaceful protest at their West Burton power station, it is all part of their policy of intimidation. The state and its partner, corporate capitalism, will not tolerate those who get in the way of their drive to turn the UK into a profit generating sweatshop economy. Here nearer home in Glasgow we witnessed this aggressive stance being taken by the state's minders at a peaceful "Glasgow Against ATOS" protest . The more we stand up for our rights the more likely the state will enter the scene with the gloves off, we are well into the era of bare-knuckle capitalism. It is all an attempt to intimidate, to get the people to meekly sit around and accept whatever the corporate greed machine throws at them. The following is from The Glasgow Defence Campaign and is asking for a massive show of support for those arrest while protesting against injustice.
***Any witnesses to the arrests, or the events leading up to them,

     22 Feb, Glasgow – Two supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (Glasgow) were today violently arrested, Friday 22 February, shortly after 2pm outside the Royal Bank of Scotland on Gordon Street, Glasgow city centre. They were taking part in a peaceful rolling picket organised by Glasgow Against ATOS, a campaign committed to opposing the French multinational ATOS and the government’s attack on welfare.

     Both those arrested were taken to Stewart Street police station and were released at approximately 18:30. They are facing charges of liberating a prisoner from custody, resisting arrest and using a megaphone. Court date is set for Friday 22 March, for which solidarity protests are being organised. In an outrageous attack on democratic rights, their bail conditions include a ban on attending demonstrations in Glasgow city centre. This is the real reason behind these arrests: to disrupt and destroy political activity.
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