Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tenants on The March.

       The tenants of the Queen's Cross Housing Association, (QCHA), are starting to show their muscle. It would appear that last year the QCHA hit the tenants with an almost 5% rent increase and thought that they had got away with it rather easily. So this year they have decided to throw another almost the same amount rip-off increase at the same tenants. However the QCHA tenants are not taking this lying down, a group has got together and started leafleting the entire area and getting tenants to sign a petition against the rent rip-off increase. As the group have gone from door to door they are finding willing signatories to the petition, but what is more encouraging, more and more people are coming forward to see how they can help the campaign. You can help the tenants fight this unfair rip-off rent increase by signing their on-line petition,

       In these economic times no ordinary people can afford a 5% rent increase year after year. Nowhere among these tenants will you find incomes rising by anything like 5% each year. This is a further savage blow to people already struggling to keep their heads above water, this type of greed driven increase on top of the "bedroom tax" could be the spark that starts the fire, could we be seeing shades of the 1914/15 Clydeside rent strikes?
     On Friday February 8th. the tenants will be marching from Cedar street to the QCHA Offices to hand in their paper and on-line petition, they are asking for support from all those who agree that massive rent rises on top of wage cuts/freezes are unacceptable, so join them as a show of solidarity. Bring your friends and neighbours, bring the kids, bring plenty of noise, let our voice be heard.
        The details are:
     Assemble 1:30 Friday 8th February outside 65 Cedar St. Middle of the 3 big grey tower blocks with red and blue striped sides behind Lidl on Maryhill Rd, 5 minutes from St George's Cross.

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