Sunday, 3 February 2013


    Part of the bailout deal forced onto the people of Greece by the Troika, is that Greece privatises its public assets. These are assets that bring money into the public purse of Greece and could be spent on social services. One of the companies, soon to be privatised, in which the Greek state is the principle shareholder is ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum), while anther big money spinner that is set to be privatised on instructions from the troika is OPAP the state owned gambling monopoly. Two enterprises from which, it is virtually impossible not to make pots of money, to be handed over to the friends of the troika, the corporate world. While the troika are stating that Greece is bankrupt, they are forcing it to sell off that from which it could earn income.
      Of course it is all going to plan, the blatant and barefaced plundering of all that is public and transferring it to the private corporate world, the impoverishing of the people to replenish the gambling losses of the financial Mafia. What is more it is not just Greece that is being plundered in this fashion, it is world wide. Take a look closer to home, we here in the UK have already lost a host of rich assets to the corporate greed merchants, coal, gas, electricity, telephone, railway, now instead of being money earners for the public purse are part of the rip-off machine that grinds us ever nearer deprivation. However it doesn't end there, bit by bit education is being privatised, the National Health Service is halfway down the road to privatisation, social housing has all but disappeared, and there is much more to come. The corporate world will attempt to make money from anything, we are already seeing the development of a lucrative prison system. Which will of course mean that policies will turn to making sure that it has a steady and ever increasing flow of people to keep it profitable, it's called growth. The corporate world are not investing in large prisons as a short stopgap to help us out, their eyes are on future profits. Capitalism, no matter its shape or form, that is the direction it keeps moving.
      Do we really want to live in the faceless world of corporatism, a world over which you have no control what-so-ever? A world where you have no say in the shape and direction of your community, a world where everything is available to the rich and nothing available to the poor? Look carefully at what is happening, that is the road we are sleepwalking down, if we don't wake up soon, it will be too late and we will leave a heritage of slavery to the corporate world for our kids and grand-kids.

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