Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Where Have all the People Gone?

       Where have all the people gone! In this video you get a horrifying glimpse of the warehouse of tomorrow, only it is here today. Just how boring and mind numbing can it be to stand in the one spot all day just lifting things from one rack to another rack? As you look round that warehouse the absence of people is striking and I have no doubt that the few that are employed there will soon be replaced by other robots. This is the shape of tomorrow's world, the corporate greed merchants will have no use for people except to consume. That is where the problem gets complicated, with mass unemployment, no jobs unless you are a robot, poverty and deprivation will be endemic in most countries. No wages no purchases, so as the corporate world gets more efficient and produces more and more, the number of those who can afford the goods, gets less and less. 
       With today's technology we have the ability to produce for everybody, to see to the needs of all, and so eliminate poverty. However as long as we persist in this insane greed driven system of profit for the few, we will see goods pile up and poverty grow. We will see large high-tec production units shutting down, not because everybody has enough, but because the corporate owner isn't making a profit from the production. Insanity, in other words capitalism.

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