Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A World of Corporate Vampires.

    The IMF (International Mankind Fuckers) is the financial Mafia's muscle, it goes into countries and sorts out the various governments to ensure that all that country's assets, public assets, are transferred to the said financial Mafia. When the deals are complete, the country is saddled with debts they can never pay off and all the countries resources have been privatised. As their policies went like wildfire through Africa, the effect on the lives of millions of people on that continent was devastating, and still is grinding millions into deeper poverty. Having done its foul work in Africa it is now turning its attention to Europe. Europe is rich in public assets and the financial Mafia need to re-capitalise, so those assets have to be privatised. Their dream is a corporate world, where all the world's resources are own by the mighty corporations. However we should not lose sight of the fact that the IMF and corporations are not some sort of self perpetuating natural phenomenon. They are no more than organisations run by people for their own selfish greed and they will destroy the earth and its people in their never ending drive for more wealth  and power. Just as they were started by people the can be destroyed by people. We can organise the resources of this planet to the advantage of all our people, creating a system that sees to the  needs of all and lets the parasites of the corporate era enter the dustbin of history.
     This song Taken from Athens Indymedia, was written about Africa but it now applies world wide.

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