Monday, 11 February 2013

Reflect,Discuss and Act.

    From a flier distributed in Belgium and published in the periodical Machete and translated into English on Anarchy in Italy:

Memory is short. Day after day, we are bombarded with information. Screens tell us the topic of the day, and tomorrow it is necessary to talk about the next topic. There is no more time for discussing and reflecting. And when there is no time, the possibility that our ideas might transform into action is destroyed. In fact, we must seize the time forcefully, taking hold of it with all the violence that our will to think for ourselves breathes. Let's take the necessary time to think and act, outside of the deadlines those in power and their media dictate. Not in the presence of the institutions, not before the media centers. Because we are speaking directly, without mediation. And we can only address ourselves to the institutions, to all institutions, through the language of attack.-- 

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