Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Vicious Bedroom Tax.

        Come April all those tenants living in social housing will be thrown into turmoil. 1st. April sees the implementation of the millionaire ConDem's new “bedroom tax” come into operation. This will be a severe kick in the teeth for millions across the country. What this translates into is that couples, children of the same sex and children under 10 years of age of different sex, should share a bedroom. If after this arrangement you have a spare room, you will have options. You can move out to a smaller house, take a lodger or pay a fine on a monthly basis. This is the dictate from those who have several homes, all of which will have an abundance of spare rooms. The facts on the ground prove that they can't square the circle. Which is not unusual for this mob, according to
figures from the Department for Work and Pensions, at least 600,000 one bedroom flats will be needed to house tenants who currently fall into the “under-occupying” category. Are the apartments there? Well the answer is no, at present social housing landlords have approximately 360,000 one bedroom flats on their books. To add to the chaos of this completely ill-thought scheme, there are only about 300,000 families who need a 3 bedroom apartment, while social housing landlords have available 560,000. So if you are “classified” as a one bedroom tenant, there is a good chance you will have to accept a larger apartment and be fined for the social housing inadequacies. Like wise if they make sure they only fit tenants into the”right sized box”, then there will be thousands who will have to be homeless and thousands of apartments will have to lie empty as there are not enough “right sized” families to suit. Apart from the possible penalty if you stay put in a home with a spare room, there is the trauma of uprooting elderly people who have probably lived their entire life in that particular home, and shunting them miles away from friends and family. As well as the upset of forcing a family to move when they may not want to move, for whatever reason, job, school, family etc.. Who gives them the right to say where you should live, when you should move and how many should sleep in any room in your home?
      Stupidity driven by austerity ideology, another experiment in social engineering. How many should sleep in a room controlled by the millionaire cabal, to make sure that the peasants don't get a modicum more than is minimum to survive. Will they suddenly build all the right size apartments to fulfil their plans? Not likely, they are more likely to attempt to introduce legislation to force you to limit or increase your family to suit their housing stock. In their world of control, plans come before people.
          If this doesn't raise the anger of the general public to boiling point, then I don't know what will.

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