Friday, 1 February 2013


    How many times have we seen the church, of whatever religion embrace dictators and tyranny? Today in Greece we saw it again as the Greek Orthodox church gave its blessing to a purveyor of repression and convicted murder. In Athens today the funeral took place of the last of the Greek junta that ruled Greece with an iron fist and unbelievable brutality from 1967 to 1974. He was General Nikos Dertilis who died in prison aged 92. A callous psychopath, apart from playing his part in the savage repression of any resistance to the rule of the generals, in 1973 outside the Polytecnic in Athens he casually drew his revolver and shot dead a youth who was running away from the police after having been beaten by them. He commented with pride to one of his staff on the fact that it was an old revolver, and it only took one shot.
      Yet at his funeral today, attended by members of the Golden Dawn fascist group, the Greek Orthodox Bishop Amvrosios, compared the cold blooded murdering general, to the independence war hero Kolokotronis and even to the philosopher Socrates. Of course as well as the church praising the psychopath, several of the mainstream media showered him with praise. The daily newspaper Kathimerini, referred to him as a good officer and gave him an obituary flowing with praise and honour.

     The church and state bolster each other as they are both authoritarian institutions of control. Neither of them will tolerate any form of free thinking, obedience and subservience are necessary for their survival. They are the enemies of freedom, the weaver of chains around the free thinking mind.

Acclaim Arrogant Absolutes.
Bellow Bygone Beliefs.
Casuist Cackling Cabal.
Deadly Divine Dogma.
Embellish Earlier Errors.
Form Fearful Fundamentalists.
Gaily Gabble Gehenna.
Hype Holy Hate.
Ignorantly Idolise Illusion.
Justify Judgmental Jargon.
Knowingly Kindle Kulturkampf.
Lambaste Liberal Learning.
Machiavellian Mind Moulding.
Narrate Nescient Nostrum.
Obligatory Obnoxious Obfuscation.
Peremptory Pestiferous Panjandrum.
Quickly Quell Querists.
Redundant Reactionary Rants.
Suppress Scholastic Scepticism.
Totally Trammel Tolerance.
Ululate Useless Utterances.
Vaticinate Vicious Vengeance.
Wailing Wearisome Waffle.
Extol Excessive Exaltation.
Y?          Y?         Y?
Zany Zealous Zealots.

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