Wednesday, 13 February 2013

From Wage Slave to Bond Slave.

     From our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, you get the impression that there has been a bit of a financial crisis, but everything is trundling along as usual. That magic panacea, "growth" is just on the horizon, so if you put up with "these difficult times" a bit longer, we will all be living on strawberries and cream and sipping champagne. Of course the pampered millionaire parasites who spout this crap live somewhere in a parallel universe and know nothing of our world and care even less.
      Take it from me, if we don't change the system, "these difficult times" are here to stay and get worse. I know I go on about Greece, but it isn't often that we get the opportunity to see our future before it arrives. In year 2012 there were 3.1 million people in Greece living below the poverty line, it is now 3.9 million, and rising, that is out of a population of 10 million. We are different of course!!! Well just as two unemployed people in this country won their case against our government's slave labour legislation, (workfare) the millionaire cabal have rapidly pushed through legislation to make it all right to be forced to work for the corporate big boys for free. Working for nothing is here to stay, as you are made unemployed you will immediately re-directed to some corporate body and told to work for free. That way we will have zero unemployment.
      We have over 2 million unemployed here in the UK, just think how that number of individuals working for free would boost the economy, profits would go through the roof. Slave labour, the corporate world's Utopia. Once it is introduced and accepted it will be part and parcel of the work scene and it will grow. One firm will fire you and take on a freebie, you will now become a freebie for some other form. This is the future of corporate capitalism. Poverty and deprivation awaits you, unless!!

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