Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Is it a Banksy?

Pixies and fairies, I'm all for them. This from Faslane Peace Camp:
Scrap Trident pixies spent yesterday evening...
Faslane Peace Camp 26 February 14:13
Scrap Trident pixies spent yesterday evening painting a notice of the April Scrap Trident event on the side of the derelict Blue Ribband factory building overlooking the M8 in the Kinning Park area of Glasgow.

The activists painted “Blockade Faslane April 15th 2013: www.scraptrident.org.” with the event logo on top of the building which, until now, has had an advert for the space and some graffiti.

One of the painters said: “We are reclaiming this advertising space for the peace movement. The Armed Forces spend nearly £2billion a year on marketing and recruitment. The peace movement doesn't have this kind of money so we saw an opportunity for free, moral advertising and took it. We are bombarded with negative, sexist and shameless consumerist and pro-military advertising in every single space we inhabit on this planet. Even children as young as seven are targeted by military marketing via the schools we trust to educate them in their best interests.

"We've reclaimed this particular space and used it to advertise direct action against nuclear weapons. An action that we believe is representative of the anti-nuclear sentiment of the majority of people in Scotland and that will have an empowering affect on all those who take part. We will continue to resist the ongoing stationing of the British nuclear weapons system on the Clyde and we will continue to fight their replacement”.

The painting was done to reach out to more people in Glasgow and urge them to join in the three days of the Scrap Trident event in April.

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