Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Creeping Killer Epidemic.

      We are witnessing a creeping killer epidemic, it is moving steadily across Europe and where it takes hold people suffer, people die, futures are blighted. Until recently Europe was relatively free from this killer, but know it is virulent and covering ever wider regions of Europe. It is not an unknown disease, and for years it has been growing in many regions of the world, mainly the Third World and the sad fact is, it is a preventable disease. This killer can be managed and eradicated simply by better management of resources. I am of course talking about poverty and deprivation. We should be alarmed as Greece is now entering that "Third World" category, simply on the back deliberate and predictable policies, policies that are being enacted across the rest of Europe. They will of course have the same results elsewhere as they do in Greece.
This from a recent meeting of ICAN held in Thessaloniki 
    A trip to the doctor or hospital now costs €25 – and climbing. Having a baby sets you back €800 – double that if you need a caesarian. Without the money, you’re told to ‘go home and do the best you can’. Free access to contraception and abortion have been removed. Vaccinations for children have virtually stopped. The big pharmaceutical companies now refuse to sell medicines to the hospitals.
   We spoke to a pharmacist who said every day she came across people who couldn’t afford their medication, and many who take a vastly reduced dosage to make it last longer. She told us: “In this corner of Europe, the situation is very bad – it’s tragic. People die through lack of access to basic health services.”Read the full article HERE:

    Why do we tolerate this ideology of emptying the public purse into the vaults of the financial Mafia? Why do we watch our brothers and sisters slowly die to gratify the egos of bullshit economists? This is not some God given system that is eternal, it is a man made system of greed, created by parasites. It can be destroyed and a system of justice and mutual aid built in its place. If not now, when? If not us, who?

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