Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rich Countries and Foodbanks.

      The capitalist system is now a world wide system, but a system that has failed miserably to see to the needs of the people of this planet. The world is split between rich, so called high income countries, and devastatingly poor countries. To the apologists of the capitalist system this is an ongoing process, to them, soon all the countries will be high income countries. However the facts on the ground tell a different story. Today most of people in those high income countries are seeing their incomes drop and in some case very dramatically, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, to mention a few. So called poor countries are not always poor in resources, Niger and Mali spring to mind. Even in the so called high income countries poverty tugs at the sleeves of the ordinary people.
       In the “rich” high income countries approximately 60 million people turn to food banks to just get by. That is almost equivalent to the entire population of the UK. A staggering 7.2% of the entire population of all the high income countries need to get help from food banks to survive. This is the success story of capitalism in the rich countries, consider the poverty and hunger in the poor countries. It is not that the food and resources just aren't there, we live in a world of abundance, wealth is stockpiled, we have food rotting in shops and warehouses, a recent study showed that 50% of all the food we produce is thrown away. We could all sit at the planet's table and eat our fill. However we have devised a system that won't allow that to happen, unless a few parasites can make money from the process. Until we end this insane capitalist system, millions will go hungry and poverty will continue to grow.

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