Friday, 1 February 2013


        Reading an article on the corporate world's planning session, the Davos luxury get-together, there was one paragraph that to me, said it all. My emphasis added.
      The sage view is Europe has only two options, neither good: a huge destruction of wealth, the like of which has not been seen for 70 years; or spreading the burden of the debt workout across the people of Europe, flattening growth for a decade, at least. Everybody knows Europe needs growth to get out of its financial pickle. Yet EU action to date shows the priority is to improve the bureaucratic structure that got it into this mess - an unworkable monetary system - not action to restore growth.
      As we see the pattern of brutal austerity unfold across European countries it becomes obvious which policy is being followed. The financial Mafia have no intention of solving their debt crisis by paying for it by "a huge destruction of wealth", they will compel their puppets, the state governments, to recoup their losses from the public, by massive slashing of social spending, lowering wages and destroying pensions. 
    When they talk of a financial crisis they are being honest, it is a crisis for them, of their own making, and they are damned sure that you and I are going to pay for it, not them.
     Their is nothing inevitable about about what is happening in Europe, it is a political decision taken by the rich and greed to protect their own personal wealth at the expense of you and I. We produce all the wealth in the world, the corporate world and financial Mafia plunder it, they indulge in an irrational wild greed driven gambling frenzy, and when it appears they have lost, they come back to plunder us some more. I'm sure you have the imagination to think of a fairer and more sane way to look after the wealth that you and I produce!!

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