Friday, 8 February 2013

Look, Do You See The Smoke From Athens?

      Capitalism is world wide, it is ruthless in every country, yet the people in every country re-act differently. However in every country there is insurrection, but not the version of movies and TV dramas. From small individual acts against the authoritarian system to organised events, from strikes to mass uprisings, insurrection simmers throughout the capitalist world, the struggle to be free is always there. In some countries it is on the street in numbers and a clear, lines drawn fight, in others, some citizens go about their daily routine unaware that there is a battle taking place. Why the difference? Nobody can have any doubt that the struggle in Greece is at the level of on the street and lines clearly drawn. As a constant visitor to Greece I have often wondered why, why do the people of Greece re-act so differently form say, the people here in the UK, Spain or Ireland? It is the same capitalist system, it is the same ruthless exploitation, the same restriction of freedom, the same thrusting the people into poverty. Others obviously ask this question, the extract below is from another individual asking the same question with hints at an answer.
        There, it’s happened again. Revolt of near insurrectionary proportions. Unbeknownst to the rest of us. Waiting with baited breath as we do. Hoping to see smoke on the horizon. ‘Look, do you see the smoke from Athens?’ asks the banner hung in Istanbul, at the bridge closest to the sight of Greece. We strain to see the smoke from here. We search the internet from wafts of smoke, images of smoke rising. And we see a massive Christmas trees on fire. Thousands in black reaching into the smoke and throwing back canisters of teargas. Back to the charging cops who are the last to lose control in riotsheild economies.
      Is this then what the end of the economy looks like? Is this then what the end of our collective movement looks like? Revolt without warning. Without postings. Wildcat uprisings?!

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