Monday, 4 February 2013

Capitalism V Democracy.

       The extent to to which capitalism has distorted the distribution of the earth's resources is difficult to grasp, it has placed so much in the hands of so few. When we talk of economies and we tend to think of nation states, but the facts on the ground are different. Of the top 100 economies on the planet, 40 are corporations, the wealth of certain corporations dwarf the economies of some nations. Another little known fact is that less than 1% of corporations, mainly banks, control the shares of more than 40% of all global businesses. When it comes to who is big in this corporate world it is oil and gas, 7 out of the top 10 companies in the world are oil and gas. This distortion of wealth also distorts the direction of technology and development, the big money will control where that development will go, they will drive it to increase and consolidate their wealth and position of power. They will shape our world to their own advantage.
     So that brings us to the statement made by a certain Louis D. Brandeis, a member of US Supreme Court, 1916 – 1934, “We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we cannot have both.”  
     It is long past the time to wake up to that realisation, any talk of democracy while continuing with the present system of capitalism is empty rhetoric, thoughts of fancy, or at worst, just plain manipulation, hypocrisy and duplicity. The question of how do we get more democracy, is the same question as how do we get rid of capitalism. Any dancing round the edges about improving democracy within capitalism is fantasising, it is impossible, there is no room in capitalism for democracy, one is the antithesis of the other.

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  1. I really like the points you make here. I work at a large global corporation and the wealth they throw away in food alone every day makes me ill.

    Anyone who watches an election here in the US can see clearly that money is votes, too, but I just don't think people pay enough attention.

  2. I think its important to recognise democracy as capitalism's tool. Capitalism will use democracy whilst the going is good to allow freedoms and enough space so people do not feel threatened by it. When the people threaten its facade then it employs stronger physical forms of control i.e. fascism. So our democracy does not have anything to do with us having our say, just capitalism's rule at a different stage

  3. I agree that the system that we have suits capitalism, but it is not democracy, it is a quasi-liberal system that allows the public the privilege of discussing everything except changing the system. Our so called "representative democracy" is the best weapon that capitalism has to defend its grip over our lives.