Thursday, 21 February 2013

India, an Economic Giant!!!!

      Our babbling brook of bullshit, the media, continually spews out a vision of India as one of the world's economic giants, which in corporate greed, it is. As they follow Cameron around that country, what we see is an army of well fed, well manicured, wealthy parasites, living off the cream of a country where deprivation is endemic. Campaign after celebrity campaign goes on about the poverty in Africa, and believe me that is real poverty, but what we don't hear is that India has around 450 million people living in “dire” poverty. This is equivalent to all the poor of all the countries in Africa combined. A country lauded for its economic growth and it has more than 450 million people living on 12 rupees or less a day, (this is the measure of “dire” poverty). This army of deprivation has seen practically no reduction in the past 30 years. A recent document by the Planning Commission states that the poor of rural India were better fed 30 years ago than they are now. The Indian government's own figures reveal that of its 856 million rural population, 50% live in poverty trying to survive on less than 20 rupees a day.
       This wonderful economic growth that the Western corporate world looks at with envy, creates the same pattern as corporate growth the world over, glaring brutal inequalities. India is fourth in the billionaire league with 61 billionaires, who have a combined wealth of $250 billion, The 100 richest people in that country have assets equivalent to a quarter of the country's GDP, with its richest man having a personal wealth of $20 billion. Compare that with the fact that every second child born in India is stunted and under weight due to poverty and malnutrition.
      This is the pattern of corporate capitalist growth in country after country. Billionaires grow bloated on wealth stolen from the ones who actually create that wealth. Private jets, holiday islands purchased for friends and family, sumptuous homes dotted around the globe, personal assistants, personal trainers. All this wealth belongs to those who produce it, yet they are the ones that live in deprivation, our wealth is plundered daily by that small army of parasites, who, like all parasites, will continue to feed of our sweat and toil as long as we allow them. We need to wash our society and get rid of those parasites. 
     I'll repeat the verse from the last post:
We are the ones who knead and yet we have no bread,
we are the ones who dig for coal and yet we are cold.
We are the ones who have nothing,
and we are coming to take the world.
~ Tassos Livaditis (Greek poet, 1922-1988)

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