Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Kettle Takes A While To Boil.

         Like all mass protests that erupt, they are never isolated incidents, they are usually the result of a long simmering discontent, anger, frustration, at injustice, inequality, corruption and the lack of control of their own lives. The protests in the Middle East, and Turkey didn't just suddenly happen out of nowhere, the anger frustration and disgust has been there for years. Brazil is the same story, a country held up by the financial Mafia as a modern wonder, a booming economy, but as is normal in this capitalist system, that means there is a mass under class that don't see the benefits of that "booming economy". The capitalist system is corruption, is repression, you can't expect to build a spectacle of opulent wealth on the backs of millions of poor without corruption and repression, nor can you expect those millions of poor to put up with it forever. A kettle takes a while to boil.

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