Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Evaporating Illusion Of Democracy.

      What kind of government shuts down the public broadcasting network without warning or parliamentary discussion? Fascist, Military Junta, Absolute Monarchy, Dictator? Well I imagine it must be somewhere in that grouping. So we come to Greece, and that is what the financial Mafia's puppets in Athens just decided to do. Any sham illusion of democracy has surely evaporated in the warm sun of Greece, as it has evaporated in other countries, Brazil and Turkey to mention two.
     Teacher Dude has an interesting article on the subject:

 Protests against government's closure of public broadcaster, ERT continue in Thessaloniki, Greece. by Teacher Dude's BBQ
Protester against the Greek government's closure of the public broadcasting network.
          "----Instead of a few days of protests by the employees of ERT which could easily be ignored by pro-government private media the government was faced with a media insurrection as journalists and technicians defied threats by the authorities to continue broadcasting, using internet live streaming, unused analogue signals, satellite etc. This, along with the social media storm created meant that thousands turned up outside state run studios in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities to protect   those inside from the riot police units that quickly deployed around such facilities.
      Instead of stifling the voice of those working in ERT these actions encouraged people to find their signal in any way they could and demand via the live streaming channel provided by the EBU grew so rapidly it overwhelmed the site's capacity.----"
Read the full article HERE:

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