Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Poison Chalice Of Western Aid.

      It appears that the “Arab Spring” in Egypt is heading for a military government. The Egyptian Military has said it might step in to maintain peace in the country. It may have been a people's uprising in Egypt, but the reins of power were never to be put in the hands of the people. Whenever the West steps in to support a “people's uprising”, you can rest assured that support will go to the right-wing, pro-Western capitalism groups and/or the religious fundamentalists.  
      So if there is a “people's uprising” it is sure to be met with reactionary forces from inside and outside their country. Libya is a prime example of Western aid and support flowing into a country, mooted as bring democracy, but in actual fact producing chaos and a quagmire of bloodshed that will last for decades, while at the same time getting rid of a regime that Western capitalism wasn't happy with.
       Western support for any uprising will never be for the benefit of the people of that country. It will either be to help to bring down a regime that Western capitalism doesn't like, or to prevent a true people's democracy from forming. This policy has resulted in millions of people suffering and dying and decades of chaos and faction fighting in countries across the globe. In recent years we have had Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran is always on their agenda. 
      Only the people of a country can sort out the type of country they want, and they will have to do it by themselves. We in the West can show solidarity with any uprising by doing everything in our power to prevent our Western military juggernaut from running in waving the flag of "Western type" democracy. When and if, it happens here, we would most certainly not want any foreign military power from abroad pouring in to our "aid".

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