Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What Does Surveillance Mean To You.

         We got the usual "shock- horror" from our millionaire two-faced politicians about the latest revelations on surveillance, revelations about what we all know is going on all the time by all governments. However, don't expect the state to abandon any of its hi-tec ability to snoop on us no matter which bunch get into power. Spying, snooping has been part of the state apparatus since the first state came into being. As a matter of fact it probably took a lot of spying and snooping to bring it into existence. After "questions have been asked in the House" and the subject matter debated, don't expect to see black bags over those CCTVs, nor to hear about GCHQ unplugging all those black-boxes. No, there will be waffle and blurb and then things will go on as before, with your every e-mail, text, phone call, internet visit and visit into town, monitored, sifted and stored for further analysis. If we want rid of the snoopers we have to get rid of the state and all its repugnant apparatus.

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