Saturday, 29 June 2013

European Success.

      The European Union today is a corporate entity brought about to bolster the European capitalist camp, allowing it to compete with the other power blocks around the world. It is however finding it rather difficult, so it has set itself on a road to improve its chances of competing in the big boys league. First it has to get taxes down for the corporate world, this entails getting rid of social services, so that governments wont need to raise so much in taxes. Then it has to get wages down, which they have been quite successful at since 2008 as wages in the UK have shrunk by 10% since then, but have further to go. The third piece of their strategy is to shred employment regulations, allowing them to offer zero hour contracts, give the employee four hours today and six two days later and so on. and be able to hire and fire at will.
      If you are in the under 25 age group, Europe is not a nice place to live. Across Europe, in this age group there are more than 26 million unemployed. In Greece the under 25 unemployment rate is 62% and in Spain it is 57%. These figures in what is one of the richest areas in the world is undeniable proof  that the system doesn't work in the interests of the ordinary people. Every under 25 belongs to a family, a family that is seeing its living standards pulverised. It is 26 million young people being denied their right to develop to their full potential. All in the interests of big capital, corporate greed.
     After a recent meeting of the leading financial Mafia's European puppets, where they discussed this under 25 unemployment problem, (crime), they trumpeted there very generous solution. They would allocate £6 million pounds to help alleviate the situation. £6 million divided between 26 million young people, works out at about 24 pence each. This overwhelming generosity will do  fuck-all for the under 25's, it will all be gobbled up in the bureaucracy, giving some extra bureaucrats a fat salary to hold more meetings.
      We are being developed into the biggest sweatshop in the world, and we seem to be going along with the plan in a quite and willing manner. Enter into their economic debates and we have lost, we don't want to manage the cuts, austerity, tough decisions, better, that is just more of the same with a different time span. We want to change the system, scrap this greed driven, everything must have a profit, parasite lead, insane, unjust system of exploitation. We can create a community based world of co-operation, mutual aid and sustainability, a system that sees to the needs of all our people. A world that will release the full creative energy of that 26 million young unemployed, allowing them to enrich all our lives. We have the resources, the imagination, the ability and the dream, all it now requires is the will. 

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