Friday, 28 June 2013

Scotland Against Fascism.

Edinburgh UAF Public meeting:
After the Woolwich murder...
Tuesday 2nd July,
7pm Edinburgh Central Mosque,
Potterrow EH8

       The racist Scottish Defence League and the Nazi British National Party are seeking to exploit the horrific murder of Lee Rigby to whip up hatred and division, which has already seen violent attacks against the Muslim community including a series of arson attacks on mosques in England.
      The racist SDL have organised demonstrations against mosques in Dundee and  Dumfries, as have the Nazi National Front in Aberdeen. All of these have been against the wishes of the local community.
    UAF has worked with local communities to organise counter-demos, to oppose and unite the community against the hate mongering and racism peddled by the SDL. The racist SDL have been repeatedly outnumbered and shown clearly that they are not welcome.
     The attacks in England after the horrendous Woolwich murder has been much worse. We invite you to come together to discuss how we can beat the racists as a united community.
Edinburgh Against The Racist SDL

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