Friday, 21 June 2013

The Holy Trinity, The Protectors Of Wealth.

       The people of Greece have experienced what is probably the most rapid deterioration of living standards of any modern developed country. They have entered a world of collapsing education and health-care, vicious wage cuts, stratospheric unemployment, destruction of all social services, massive tax increases and a range of new taxes, all this, to save the banksters and the bond market from facing their gambling losses.
     The resultant misery, ill health, mental and physical, rising addiction problems, increase in suicides, a flood of homelessness, rising crime and violence on the streets and the break up of families as thousands leave Greece to try to survive elsewhere, is not enough. Well according to that Holy Trinity, the protector of wealth and privilege, the Troika, (ECB, European central bank, EC, European Commission, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers), as they are pushing their fascist puppet government in Athens to speed up the pace of “reforms”. It seems that because the Athens puppets couldn't give away the state run natural gas supplier DEPA at a cheap enough price, they are not meeting the criteria set by the Holy Trinity, the Troika, so might not get the rest of the bailout.
      So four years of untold misery for the people of Greece with the promise that they would all then enter the promised land of mythical growth and prosperity for all, looks like it isn't going to work. They haven't sold (handed over) enough of the people's assets to the corporate world, they haven't lowered the wages enough, the haven't dismantled the employment regulations enough. Under no circumstances can the banksters and the bond markets be allowed to lose any of their ill-gotten gains, even if they gamble the lot with the reckless gay abandon of drunk gambling addict.
     There is also the talk of a €2-3 billion shortfall in the funding of the Holy Trinity, as they claim that some European states are dragging their feet on the funding matter. So even if the fascists puppets in Athens gave away all the people's assets and paid-off another few thousand public sector workers, there is a chance that they wont get the money. No matter the outcome, the misery knowingly inflicted on the people of Greece will continue, their situation is not likely to improve much, if at all, for decades to come. 

  It is not the balancing of the budget that has to be addressed, it is not the  Trioka's reforms that have to be speeded up, it is the stinking system of greed driven capitalism that has to be dismantled. Through all this misery and hardship in Greece, the pattern is the same as other countries, the rich are doing just fine, it is the people that have to take the misery to prop up a system of privilege for the few. Is this what we want?

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