Tuesday, 18 June 2013

No Human Being Is Illegal.

      An appeal from The Unity Centre Glasgow and Glasgow Destitution Network.
       Imagine being in a strange city in a foreign country on a cold winter's night. You can't speak the language, you have no where to stay, it's starting to rain and you don't know anyone who can help you...
What do you do?
Where do you go?

Stop Destitution!
Give us the Right to Work!
Housing is a Human Right!
Stand Up for the right to Asylum 

Rally & Music
12.30 St Enoch's Square

Supported by the Glasgow Destitution Network

        Asylum seekers come to Glasgow for safety but 90 per cent of them will have their asylum claims initially refused by the UK Border Agency. The UKBAs asylum process is seriously flawed. Asylum seekers can be reluctant to reveal personal details to officials about how theyve been attacked, raped or tortured. Many are scared to give information about their sexuality in case it is discovered by other people. Worried that translators belong to rival groups or will leak information, many hold back crucial information. Often theyve not had time to collect evidence to show theyre telling the truth.
         So most asylum seekers are not believed by immigration officials who operate in a cynical, canteen-culture of disbelief and racism against people theyre supposed to be helping. Many asylum seekers in Glasgow make two or three asylum applications before getting a positive decision. While they wait for new evidence or for lawyers to prepare judicial reviews, asylum seekers often face destitution. Instead of safety, many asylum seekers in Glasgow face sleeping rough and becoming dependent on the help of friends and charities to survive. 

         Refused asylum seekers are not allowed any recourse to public funds. All financial support is stopped and they lose their accommodation after 21 days. Once homeless, No recourse to public funds means destitute asylum seekers are blocked from government funded night shelters or hostels.
        Refused asylum seekers are left to live without any money, unable to access anything but emergency medical treatment, sleeping rough or couch-surfing until they can get a fresh asylum claim lodged. They become vulnerable to exploitation and face working illegally and crime to survive.
         Destitution is a deliberate policy used by the UK Border Agency to force asylum seekers to give up their asylum claims and return voluntarily to their countries of origin. It is a brutal, immoral policy that goes against basic human rights.

Join us on Saturday 29th June
Stand up for your rights!
Stand up for Dignity!
12.30 St Enoch's Square
The UNITY Centre
30 Ibrox Street
G51 1AQ

0141 427 7992
http://www.unitycentreglasgow.org info@unitycentreglasgow.org

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  1. I've been through that years ago in Belgium, Holland and Germany. It was hard, but I found great and very supportive people. You could travel from Madrid to Amsterdam hitchhiking, fear and propaganda had not yet permeated the crushed brains of people.
    For people coming from far countries must be very hard, indeed, much more than it was for me then.