Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A World Week-End Of Action.

       Like I said in a previous post, the world is in revolt, the people are waking up to the injustice and inequality that is this world capitalist system. While Greece has seen more than two years of continual protests and the people of Turkey still carry on with their three week protest in the face of ferocious police brutality and dawn raids on their homes, Brazil has now exploded into the largest demonstrations seen in that country in more than twenty years. Brazil, heralded as one of the B.R.I.C's Brazil, Russia, India, and China, the fastest growing economies in the world, as is normal has seen its people get poorer as its corrupt politicians and parasite business bosses get richer and richer. 
       Of course when our lords and masters talk about successful economies they don't include you and I. Brazil's "successful economy" meant that in a population of 191 million, 25% of adults earn £70 a month or less, with inflation running at 6.2%, that's a road to deprivation. However, the Brazilian government could afford to spend £8.5 billion to host the World Cup. Like in Turkey it was a straw that broke the camel's back. The Turkish protests started with the plan to build a shopping mall, in Brazil it was the increase in the price of bus fares. If the conditions are right, it only takes a small spark to start a forest fire. With "austerity" being forced onto millions of ordinary people across the world, the conditions are right.
       As the police brutal crackdown on the Turkish protesters intensifies there has been a call for a world wide week-end of action in solidarity with the people of Turkey, but let's not forget, the people of Greece and Brazil.

     Global unions have called for two days of protest -- on Friday and Saturday -- in response to state violence, and in solidarity with demonstrators in Turkey.

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) has a statement here.

The International Union of Food workers (IUF) has its statement here.

If your union is holding an event as part of these days of action, please let us know using our new online form, here:

      Your event will appear on LabourStart's home page for your country.
For example, you can see details of the Friday demonstration in London on the home page of LabourStart for the United Kingdom, here:

(Look on the left side of the page, under Events.)

      Meanwhile, early this morning, our online campaign reached an important milestone: we've now sent over 20,000 messages from trade unionists
 in 150 countries to Prime Minister Erdogan.

       Please spread the word in your union -- let's make this an even larger campaign! Click here to send your message:

Thank you!

Eric Lee

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