Saturday, 1 June 2013

"Resistance Is Everywhere".

     The other week Stockholm was rocked by riots, and before the smoke and tear gas had dispersed, Berne took to the streets to show their anger at a system that tramples people in all countries. Now Istanbul takes up the cry against police brutality and authoritarian government. Whether that babbling brook of bullshit, the media reports it or not, the people of Europe are rising, as the chant in Istanbul proclaims, “Resistance is everywhere”. We are in an era of tremendous potential change, people everywhere are waking up to the fact the the present system is not interested in the well being of the ordinary people. In fact they are beginning to realise that it is set up to screw them and they now have knowledge, imagination and ability to do something about it. There is another way to structure society, a fairer more just way, a society based on mutual aid and freed from the cancer of the profit motive. The murmur of the poor is becoming a roar.

Some of the slogans and info from the streets of Istanbul, from Contra Info: 

 A banner hung in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, in support of the Turkish people.

faşizme karşı omuz omuza / stand shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism
hükümet istifa / government, resign
katil Erdoğan / murderer Erdoğan
Taksim bizim, İstanbul bizim / Taksim is ours, Istanbul is ours
direne direne kazanacağız / we will win by resisting
her yer Taksim, her yer direniş / everywhere is Taksim, resistance is everywhere
sık bakalım, sık bakalım, biber gazı sık bakalım, copunu bırak, kaskını çıkar, delikanlı kim bakalım / shoot it, shoot it, fire the tear gas, drop your baton, take your helmet off, then we see who’s the tough guy
fettullahın piçleri hepiniz orospu çocuğusunuz / you’re all son of bitches [to the police]
orospu çocuğu Tayyip Erdoğan / son of a bitch Tayyip Erdoğan
There is no official confirmation of the deaths as of yet.
In Istanbul, on 1/6, the cops left the Taksim Gezi Park for a while. Then people gathered to occupy the park again. Soon thereafter, the police stormed the area to remove the protesters.
Recent updates in Turkish : 1, 2, 3
Comrades’ message from the streets of Istanbul at 17:15 (local time): “We did it. Taksim square and Gezi Park occupied. Police pulls back; they’re leaving. People celebrate inside Gezi Park. One police car, with ‘sikik (fucked)’ written on it, was overturned and set on fire…”

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  1. Resistance is everywhere, but still not everyone is in the resistance. People of Europe: join in the fight!