Monday, 3 June 2013

Another Squat Under Threat.

      The system never rests, it continues with its defence day and daily, it has tremendous resources at its disposal. It has its so called "justice system" (protection of corporate property) backed up by its propaganda machine, that babbling brook of bullshit, the media, and it has its military style police force to back up the dictates of its "justice system". It is with these forces that another squat is under threat, this time in Barcelona. The occupants have asked for support and solidarity from across the world. The system may have powerful resources, but we have all the power in the world, if we come together in solidarity when attacked. Despite the system's well organised power, this world can be ours.

      The only criteria we have for support is that it be marked by the very same political content we have had in the Expropriated Bank the whole time. We have always gone for self-organization, autonomy and horizontality in our struggle against capitalism. Therefore, even though it is Catalunya Caixa that is bringing up the case, our struggle is still against the whole of the system in which this bank takes part, in which we also include political parties, mass media and all of the State’s institutions. Any display of solidarity is very welcome as long as it respects this: we don’t want the judge to like us, we don’t want to appear on TV and we don’t want any kind of support from a political party.

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