Tuesday, 4 June 2013

An Appeal For Solidarity.

      An appeal from Labour Start for solidarity with the protestors in Turkey.
 Police Brutality in Turkey. Photo From Policymic.
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     Two national trade union centers in Turkey have announced general strikes in the wake of police violence and widespread arrests of protestors.

    The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), which represents 175 million workers in 156 countries has called for union members to support our brothers and sisters in Turkey by signing up to the online campaign we launched yesterday.

You can read the ITUC statement here.

      I know that thousands of you reading this message have already sent off your messages -- to you I say, thank you, but let's do more. Please get your union on board -- help us get the word out that we need thousands more supporters.

     This is the web address we should be sharing with all our members:


     In addition to the nearly 7,000 of you who responded in the last twenty-four hours, I want to make a special appeal to the more than 70,000 who will read this message but have not yet responded. It will take you only a minute to show your support for our brothers and sisters in Turkey.

Please don't wait -- do this right now.

    The workers on strike, the young people behind the barricades, the hundreds of protestors now in jails -- they all deserve our support right now.

I know I can count on you. Thank you.

Eric Lee
ann arky's home.

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