Friday, 28 June 2013

Do You Want To Go Done The Plughole?

      Experts come up with what we already know, living standards are falling fast. According to the Joseph Rowantree Foundation, real inflation since 2008 has risen by 25%, and we know that wages have fallen by at least 10% in the same period. The Foundation, also states that in the last 12 months the worst hit are pensioners and those living alone, pensioners seeing a 4.2% increase in living costs, while people living alone have seen an increase of 2.4%. George Gideon Osborne's attack on benefits such as freezing child benefit, tax credits "uprated" by 1% and the increase in the cost of essentials, meant a working couple with two children will be £230 worse off a year, a working lone parent £223 and a single person worse off by £49 per year. On top of this another bunch of experts gave us more information that we the ordinary people already know. The Office of the Children's Commissioner for England states. due to the governments spending cuts along with tax and benefit changes, an additional 500,000 children will be pushed into poverty by 2015.
       We living in this financial Mafia ideological attack don't need experts to tell us that we the ordinary people are being hit hard and being impoverished, and we don't accept experts to telling us that it is necessary. Our poverty is only necessary to save the financial mafia from losing some of their gamled plunderer, plunder that they stole from us the ordinary people.      
     This is the picture of a country where the ordinary people are spiraling down the deprivation plughole. No where in any government report or statement does it say that we will get back to even near the standard of living of 2008. That era is history, the new vision is of sweatshop Europe, with employment regulations shredded, wages at rock bottom and benefits evaporated. Then corporate Europe can compete with the Eastern sweatshop empire. Ah the wonders of capitalism.
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