Friday, 21 June 2013

Austerity, Austerity Everywhere????

      Austerity, austerity everywhere, and not a drop for the rich. It seems that the super rich of this corrupt unfair capitalist world are on an upward trajectory.  The world's wealthy are having a ball, what with resurgent property prices and a rapidly rising stock market, the army of parasites with money to throw about  has risen by more than a million last year. According to survey by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management, the number of those parasites labeled "high-net-worth individuals" has reach 12 million. The same survey also states that the total wealth of the world's richest parasites rose by 10% last year, reaching a staggering£29.5 trillion. The vermin at the top of this file of parasitic shit, the so called uber-rich, those with $30 million or more to invest rose to 111,000, that is up by 11% on last year.
     Well how do you feel knowing that you have been hit by "austerity" which translates into poverty, slashing of social services, unemployment, bedroom tax, workfare, (slave labour for a corporate body) and increase homelessness, while those who have been preaching this mantra, have been shoveling the fruits of your labour into their personal bank accounts? Ah, the wonders of capitalism, cakes for the few, crumbs for the many.

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  1. Austerity is the euphemism to disguise the crude exploitation of the working class.