Saturday, 22 June 2013

On Opposite Sides Of The World.

      The protest in Brazil seems to be gathering momentum as the days go by. From 200,000 across the country to well over 1 million people on the streets voicing their disgust at a system that puts profit and spectacle before welfare. Meanwhile the President offers the usual pie-in-the-sky, if they all go home and a few representatives chat with her government, that same utterly corrupt bunch whom the people no longer have any respect, then they can make a better Brazil. I have a better suggestion, the government go home and leave the people to create the Brazil that they want.
Brazil Yesterday:

       In Turkey the state apparatus has come down extremely hard on the protesters, the most vicious attack was on the people in Gezi Park. They were enveloped in tear gas and beaten, and those who ran to a nearby hotel to escape the gas and violence, were followed and the hotel also filled up with tear gas. According to the Turkish Medical Doctors Association, at least 7,000 protesters have been injured since the protests began. Though the people may be leaving the streets, it doesn't mean that they now accept that they have a democratic government. The protest seems to be shifting from Istanbul to Ankara, the capital. The hatred and disgust is still there, and probably hardened by the state's response to their protest. The reason some of them are off the streets is the shear force and brutality of the Turkish state apparatus. 

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