Thursday, 13 June 2013

Turkey, The Angry Face Of Revulsion.

        Where protest movements grow and people take to the streets, it is difficult to get the truth of what is happening. What should be a conduit for information, the mainstream media, becomes a babbling brook of bullshit and state propaganda. What is going on in Turkey is an event that must worry all the other states in Europe, it is an open revulsion at the direction of Western society, it is a disgust for those elected politicians who assist the plundering of the public purse by the corporate greed machine. It is a realisation by the people that this system can't work in their interest. We are the chips at the financial Mafia's casino.

         This is an extract from an excellent article from Contra Info, of what is going on in Turkey at present:
    Then Gezi Park, then Gümüşsuyu, then Beşiktaş… And beyond İstanbul came riots in Sakarya, Kocaeli, Ankara, Adana, İzmir… In this revolt, which is still going on, the most important motivation that kept spontaneity alive was sharing and solidarity. Voluntary health workers formed civic medical centres for activists that were affected by police violence. Organizations like law associations, lawyers’ bars, and human rights associations supported protesters in custody or in similar conditions. Trade unions like the Turkish Mechanical Engineers Chambers Association turned their buildings into infirmaries. People opened their homes, workplaces, gave support with food and drinks. People gave information to each other over social networks, and created their own means in face of the silenced media.
     Everywhere and everyone became the revolt against state terrorism, police violence and all forms of exploitation. Social solidarity has worked, and is continuing to work, wherever the State was dismissed from the lives of people.
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