Thursday, 27 March 2014

Education Or Propaganda.

       The present education system is a subject that needs a radical re-think, or perhaps dismantling. The state system is now more a system of preparing kids to be cogs in the corporate machine, than a means of helping the kids to be real freethinking people. The ConDem millionaire cabal are pushing ahead with their "free schools" which are mainly institutions controlled by holy-joes and self centred "entrepreneurial" types, whose aim is to produce obedient clones of themselves. There is a history of "real free schools" where kids are allowed and encouraged to develop rather than be shaped to the needs of the business world, in this country, probably the best know would be Summerhill. Glasgow had its own free school in the 70's in one of the most deprived areas in Glasgow, The Barrowfield Free School. Also there were the Socialist Sunday Schools where kids from working class districts were introduced to socialist principles of mutual aid and co-operation. Then of course there is home educating.

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