Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Glasgow's Private Parks!!!

    We pay them our tax money to dream up this shit, we must be mad. Every avenue of your life must be under their control. You're photographed everywhere you go, but that's not enough, you have to be under strict control when you are not being photographed. Rampant authoritarianism, control freaks at the helm, society gone insane.
Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/1oHE3iL

      Glasgow City Council is proposing to bring in rules relating to the Parks and public spaces of Glasgow. While it is important to preserve the outdoor spaces of Glasgow for future generations, the proposed Park Management Rules would give the council the right to refuse entry to the parks of some of the most prolific users of Glasgow's open spaces. These proposed rules include: 
     No groups of more than 20 people  being able to gather in the park without the written authorisation of the Director. If you wanted to play football, hold a fitness club, walking club or children's group forget it.  
    Dogs to be kept on a lead no more than 2m, and no one is allowed to excercise any more than 3 dogs. If you own 4 or more dogs, go to dog obedience classes or want to exercise your dog off the lead, forget it. 
   All vehicles in parks require the prior written consent of the Director. If you want to drive to the rowing clubs at Glasgow Green, you'll need written consent.

Some other activities they want to outlaw are:

     Play or practice any organised sport - I thought we were encouraging this? What will the Commonwealth Games legacy be? 
     No person shall, except with the prior written consent of the Director, operate any Radio - don't want you enjoying music during the 2 days of sunshine we have.  
      Any person or organisation seeking to use any park or park building for outdoor educational provision, child care provision, nursery or kindergarten - don't want those kids getting any fresh air now. 
     The parks have always been self policed and have survived for over 100 years. Please let common sense prevail on this one and object to Glasgow City Council curbing our enjoyment of our open spaces.

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