Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Land Grab and Genocide Goes On.

    Can anybody explain to me why the world is not up in arms against this savage, brutal, genocidal act? How can the world manage to look the other way for so long? A village that has been on the same site for decades before the illegal Israeli occupation is illegal!!!

Israeli occupation destroys Arabic village in Negev for 66th time
     Bulldozers of the Israeli Land Authority, protected by a large number of occupation forces, destroyed the Arab Palestinian village Al-Araqeeb in Negev for the 66th time yesterday.
        Despite heavy rains and windy weather in the area, local sources and witnesses said the Palestinian Arabs remained in the open air after the destruction of their homes. The village residents called this a "crime against humanity".
      The village was destroyed two days after special forces from the Ministry of the Interior and the Israeli Land Authority, protected by Israeli police, invaded the Islamic cemetery in the village and took photos of all buildings there.
     Villagers were left with no other place to protect themselves from the heavy rains and winds except tombs.
     Though the Arabic Palestinian village has been in this location for decades before the occupation however, based on an Israeli judaisation Prawer Plan, the village is illegal and it must be erased.

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