Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Screw The Planet And Its People, For Money.

       The tar-sands project in Alberta is an environmental disaster, destroying vast swathes of forest lands obliteration of a massive ecosystem. The volume of toxins used to turn this sludge into usable oil is an environmental disaster on its own. Then there is the insanity of pumping this black death across America through towns villages and farmland. Already there has been spillages that have devastated towns and agriculture. Once again it is corporate greed riding roughshod over the people, all to fatten shareholders bank accounts. It is the world's largest environmental degradation, all for money.

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  1. Species invents money, species dictates that money is the be all and end all, in time species will die out over the accumulation of said invention rather than respect to the planet that gave them birth. *deep, resigned sigh* I like to think the humans are some weird experimental animal whose end result is a vast die off of its own kind. I mean, what other creature that crawls upon the earth does this type of crap? Do they think that their god Money will save them when Nature Itself proves to be a step ahead of people trying to innovate ways to get out of having the planet kick their ass?