Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Let's Sing In Perfect Harmony!!

      They once had an advert that had crowds singing, “I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”, well let the world now sing in perfect harmony, one song, in perfect solidarity with the Spanish workers facing redundancy in Coca-Cola bottling plants, in that country that already has 26% unemployment and almost 60% unemployment among the young. This is not a company in financial trouble, its profits are in the sphere of monopoly money. Its policies, like all the corporate world, are driven by greed, more production from the workers at less cost, higher profits at worse working conditions, and lower wages. Solidarity is our most powerful weapon.

     If you have not had time to respond to this earlier, please do so now. Coca-Cola workers in Spain need your support today!
     Coca-Cola Iberian Partners (CCIP), a company created from the integration of seven Coca-Cola bottling companies in Spain, announced the shutdown of four of its 11 plants on December 10, 2013 affecting nearly 1,200 workers.
    Workers at four bottling plants have called an indefinite strike starting on January 21, 2014. The IUF affiliated unions FEAGRA-CC.OO and FITAG-UGT are preparing to bring legal action if the company pushes on with the plan.
    Last year the turnover of the CCIP was €3,000 million and recorded profits were €900 million. The response to record profits has been to close plants and dismiss workers.
ACT NOW! SEND A MESSAGE TO COCA-COLA and CCIP and insist that they reconsider their initial plan to close four of its 11 factories and significantly reduce its workforce.
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