Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Solidarity With All Strkers.

        We all know that the corporate world, like the government, pick off groups one at a time. One moment it is the teachers, then the  disabled, then the train drivers, then the nurses, then the unemployed, but we should realise that it is all part of the same attack on the conditions of all the ordinary people. It is all part of their grand plan for a low wage economy, one that can allow the Western corporate giants to compete with the Eastern sweatshops. So when one group of our people are attacked, it is an attack on us all. Solidarity is our most powerful weapon.
This from The People's Assembly Against Austerity.

Strike support
      This week in Doncaster, 150 nurses who look after adults with learning difficulties started a 7 day strike after being handed devastating pay cuts of up to 50%. Care UK was given the contract by Doncaster Council last September. Care UK’s immediate decision to attack the wages and conditions of the workforce tells us all we need to know about why the government are out to privatise the NHS.
     On the 26 March, the National Union of Teachers have called a national strike in England and Wales. Already, Gove has backed down on working time and conditions. Now, the strike action has a real chance to win against an increasingly weak government. We are asking every People's Assembly supporter to help make sure these strikes are supported in our communities, and that solidarity is shown from the whole movement.
      The NUT is organising a series of street stalls across the country in the run up to the strike to mobilise public support. If you can, please get down to one and help out. Contact your local NUT or People's Assembly group for details.

People's Assembly National Conference.
Saturday 15 March 2014, 10am - 5pm
Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street,London SW1P 3DW
Register for the conference here: https://padelegateconf.eventbrite.co.uk
Click here for full details: http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/recall_conference

       NUT secretary Christine Blower, and Kirstine Carbutt, one of the Doncaster workers on strike, will be speaking at the People's Assembly national conference on 15 March 2014. People from across the country, and from across the anti-austerity and trade union movements will come together to debate and discuss the way forward.
    This is an event you can't miss: We need to unite all our experience of campaigning and organising to develop a national action plan that can start to turn the tide on austerity in a serious way. Make sure you have registered your place: https://padelegateconf.eventbrite.co.uk
You can come as a delegate from any supporting organisation, community group or trade union branch and individuals can come as observers.
Conference details:
Saturday 15 March 2014, 10am - 5pm
Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW
Full details can be found here: http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/recall_conference
Send Osborne a message on Budget Day

      We are putting together a short film with a messages from the people to George Osborne. Send us a short message of yourself, your friends, family, colleagues, and get onto the streets and ask the public what their message to Osborne is this Budget day. Send your video to: info@rovingeyefilm.co.uk, and feel free to contact with any questions. People's Assembly groups across the country are organising protests and actions on 19 March which will be publicised on our website soon.
     In London, we are organising a protest and rally at at Downing Street. Click here for details: http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/budget_day.
Speakers include: Owen Jones, Kate Smurthwaite (comedian), Katy Clark MP. Music from Sean Taylor. More tba. Please invite your friends on facebook and share widely.

In solidarity,
Sam Fairbairn
The People's Assembly Against Austerity
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