Sunday, 2 March 2014

Workers, Know Your History, Miners Strike 1984/85.

      The miners’ strike, began on 12 March, 1984 and ended on 3 March, 1985. This year marks the 30th. Anniversary, and in certain areas, feelings still run deep and bitter. In appearance it was an industrial dispute over planned pit closures, but at its heart, it was a battle of ideologies, sacrificing communities in the killing off of heavy industry. The intervening 30 years has not seen an industrial dispute of such length and heartfelt passion and intensity. It was a dispute in which the British state threw its full power against a well organised trade union in an attempt to crush any resistance to the new Britain of financial services, as opposed to manufacturing. 
The miners strike was a monumental show of working class heroism, the like of which has not been seen since. It also should the brutal extent that the British state would go to in crushing working class struggles. We should learn from the tactics of the miners and their supporters and take pride in their strength in that bitter brutal struggle, and be prepared for future savage attacks on working class resistance, as capitalism continues to savage the living conditions of all our people. 
    In a simple and humble way, Spirit of Revolt has put up a small display marking the 30th. anniversary of that strike. It is in the window of the 13th Note pub in King Street, near Trongate in Glasgow.

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