Tuesday, 18 March 2014

On The Streets Of Bosnia Herzegovina.

      In country after country people have been taking to the streets to show their contempt for the existing capitalist system. From Brazil to Spain, Greece to Italy, Turkey to Egypt, Bahrain to Australia, Canada to France, and so it goes on. It is always difficult to get a true picture of what is actually happing as these uprisings occur, as our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, with its short attention span, and distorted vision, spews out its loaded propaganda. Now the babbling brook of bullshit has shifted its hall of mirrors to the Ukraine, and as the mouthpiece of the Western corporate empire, it vomits its bile against the Russian empire. Where does that leave the people?
      Recently we had the people of Bosnia Herzegovina on the streets demanding change, but the babbling brook of bullshit, as usual, dropped that and jumped to the next "hot news", Ukraine, to paint its surrealist picture of the facts. So it is good to get some honest information from what was actually happening on the streets of Bosnia Herzegovina.

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