Sunday, 16 March 2014

From Victim To Thug, A Sad Journey.

      It is always good to see dissent surface in Israel, more and more Jews are speaking out against the inhumane treatment inflicted on the Palestinian people, by the Jewish state. Sooner or later the barbarity, land grabbing, apartheid and genocide, the people of Palestine are subject to, will blow up in Israel's face, and it will not be a pretty sight. From the sufferers of the Holocaust, to the perpetrators, is a sad and tragic journey, which will reap its justice.

The vanishing country of Palestine.

This from Socialism or Your Money Back:
       ----Entitled We Refuse to Serve in the Occupation Army, the letter charges that this dehumanization hurts Israelis as well. "The problem with the army does not begin or end with the damage it inflicts on Palestinian society. It infiltrates everyday life in Israeli society too: it shapes the educational system, our workforce opportunities, while fostering racism, violence and ethnic, national and gender-based discrimination."
      "We refuse to forsake our principles as a condition to being accepted in our society," reads the joint letter, penned by people aged 16 to 20 who are eligible for compulsory service in the Army. "We have thought about our refusal deeply and we stand by our decisions."----
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